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Bela Vista Forestry is currently producing charcoal from our own eucalyptus plantations, located in Belo Campo, Cristais and João Pinheiro cities of Minas Gerais state. We have over 7,000 planted hectares in sustainable projects, strictly following environmental and social standards. Our forests have endorsed legal reserves, permanent intact conservation areas and all our endeavors have the necessary environmental permits.

Each project seeks greater integration with the local communities, generating jobs and income for the residents. Bela Vista Forestry does not hire child labor for the production or packaging of its products, and we make it clear that we abhor such practice. One of our major concerns is our employees – a labor force which is properly qualified and duly registered.

The charcoal produced for barbecue purposes has specific features and requires special care. The forests were planted with Eucalyptus specially selected for this purpose. Carbonization is carried out slowly and the furnaces take longer times to cool down.

We pack the product ourselves, following strict quality standards, making the contents of each package as uniform as possible. The bags are stored in our own warehouses in Campo Belo and Contagem, sites strategically located to serve the markets where we operate.

In Belo Horizonte – the state capital – and in the South of Minas Gerais we sell 3kg and 10kg bags. Our products have a strong presence in the market.


3kg and 10 kg bags.

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